What to look forward to on an Amazon riverboat cruise in Ecuador


Winding its way through nine nations and across the heart of South America, the mighty rivers of the Amazon make for the ultimate expedition in a near-mythological realm of unimaginable biodiversity and fascinating cultures.

To explore the Amazon rainforest, a riverboat cruise offers itself as a uniquely flexible tact, as it’s an alternative to the typical Amazonian lodge where visitors are based in one specific place. Instead, by living and sleeping onboard a luxury cruise ship, you’ll awake each day in a new area of the rainforest, which you can explore and then later take in amazing jungle vistas as you navigate downriver to the next day’s destination.

While Brazil is home to the bulk of the Amazon, many consider the most species-rich part of the Amazon to lie in Ecuador, which is a virtual Garden of Eden for the world’s most exotic living beings.

Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the more salient aspects of what you’ll experience on any upscale riverboat cruise through this county’s amazing Amazon region.

1. Luxury and relaxation

There are few better ways to disconnect and unwind than aboard a cruise, though some might find it hard to imagine sailing in the remote Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Though travelers here will find themselves deep in a region of the primeval jungle, you’ll find that the onboard facilities and services couldn’t be more comfortable!

Luxury riverboat tours such as those offered through experienced Ecuadorian tour operators are aboard ships that represent the epitome of style. Custom built by master shipbuilders, smartly decorated by interior design experts and laden with the most luxurious of amenities, their onboard amenities include deluxe suites featuring private balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows and interior Jacuzzis looking out onto…

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