Kabayan, Benguet – 6 Awesome Things To Do


Never underestimate the power of having a friend in your travel destination.

I love traveling, and I always grab the chance to as much as I can whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In fact, my first job right after graduation involved traveling, which is why I said “yes” without hesitation when my former instructor asked me to join her team to conduct fieldwork research for a project she was handling. I was traveling and getting paid while doing it. After the project ended, however, I needed to return to Baguio City, my place of residence and tried doing office job for a while until I decided to go back to school for graduate studies.

6 Awesome Things To Do in Kabayan, Benguet @tourismPHLPhoto by Ralph Balanta on Unsplash

In between the hectic life of the graduate school and doing home-based jobs, I traveled here and there whenever I get the chance to. One of the most awesome adventures I had for May 2014, however, was to finally be able to witness the breathtaking sunrise of Mt. Pulag in Kabayan, Benguet. That would never have been possible if my friend, Lesley, who is a local of the place, did not invite us there and made all the arrangements for the whole travel. We originally planned only to hike Mt. Pulag. We ended up doing more and doing some of the most awesome things there.

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Now, I will have to apologize for not being able to give a how-to guide in arranging for travel there because, as I said, Lesley arranged everything for us because one, she felt that being a local there, she can get us a fair price for the transportation to take us…

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