What to pack for my trip to Antarctica?


While many travellers have no issues packing for regular holiday destinations around the world, it suddenly becomes a lot tougher when they need to fill up their suitcase and hand luggage for a trip to Antarctica. Trust me, I’m a veteran packer thanks to decades of very frequent travel yet I somehow also wondered what was really imperative to take along and what would eventually be useless when visiting Antarctica. To make it easier for all those who are interested or already booked an expedition cruise to the white continent, I’ll make a list of items you really need to pack or at least consider taking along following my personal experience (see my posts here and here). After all, it’s not like there’s a lot of shopping opportunities in Antarctica so you better be well prepared.

Skin protection

It might not be the first thing you grab when packing for one of the coldest places on earth, but your skin will be grateful if you protect it from the dry and freezing conditions you’re about to expose it too. Hence why quality hand-and body lotions are essential on this list as they will assure your skin doesn’t dry out. Also lip balm and a proper suncream need to be taken along cause when the sun shines, those UV rays will have loads of pleasure to try and turn you into a red lobster in no time. I personally got recommended products from Humdakin to protect my skin as all its products are sustainable and allergy friendly, and as I have a very sensitive skin I didn’t want to take any risk. Truth be told, they really did a great job and my hands were as soft as a baby’s bum, even after a few weeks in the cold….

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