Top 15 Best Bars in Rome, Italy


In this post, I’ll cover my pick of the best bars in Rome, Italy. Whether you’re looking for a classy wine bar, a hidden speakeasy, or a laid-back spot to sample the country’s finest craft beer, you’re spoilt for choice here.

Rome is a truly amazing city with a long list of incredible things to see and do. As well as the huge amount of history and culture on offer, the Eternal City also offers some of the best nightlife in Italy.

There are so many cool bars in Rome, you could visit a new place every day for a month and still only scratch the surface. However long you have to spend in the city, be sure to check out a few of these top bars in Rome.

Best Bars in Rome

I’ve been to Italy many times and can confidently say that the following bars and pubs in Rome are up there with the best in the country. I’ve included a variety of bars at different price points and offerings throughout the city to give you the best variety to pick from.

You can expect great drinks, friendly service, and good vibes at each of the venues listed below.

1. Drink Kong (Best Bar in Rome Overall)

Frequently voted among the best bars in the world, Drink Kong is one of the most inventive and interesting bars I’ve ever been to. The most unusual thing about it is that you’re not given a menu straight away.

Instead, the bartenders ask you how you’re feeling, or whether there’s a particular color that springs to mind. They then proceed to pick something for you that matches your mood, describing the process as “instinct mixology”.

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