25 Best Things To Do in Mexico City


Vibrant, enormous, and exciting. Mexico City boasts numerous historical sites, delicious traditional food, and endless things to do. The capital city of Mexico is easy to access and incredibly affordable.

There are many things to do in Mexico City, but above all, it’s a city of surprises.

While it’s known worldwide for its enormous urban sprawl and troubles with pollution, what often gets left out of the story are the city’s lovely parks, friendly people, easy-to-use metro system, and quirky highlights — like being home to the only castle in North America that ever housed actual sovereigns.

Best Things To Do in Mexico City

There are many places to visit in Mexico, with Mexico City being a top choice. Even if you just have a couple of days in the city, you’ll be able to see and do a lot. It’s one of the more interesting cities to visit and I enjoyed my stay here.

Here are 25 exciting and unique things to do in Mexico City that you won’t want to miss.

1. Visit the Zocalo

There’s no better place to start a trip to Mexico City than in the Zocalo, the city’s main square and the heart of the Centro Historico neighborhood.

What you find in the Zocalo will depend on when you visit Mexico. When I travelled to Mexico City in December, I was greeted with a giant Christmas tree and an ice skating rink, but regardless of when you go, you’re guaranteed to find the Zocalo teeming with people.

For a cheap and informative tour around the Zocalo and the rest of Mexico City’s historical zone, check out this highly-rated walking tour.

visiting the zocalo is one of the top things to do...
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