16 of the best experiences in Greece: beaches, history and incredible food


Greece is the land of dreams.

We dream about its azure seas, its charming island villages and its myriad beaches, both broad and minute. We dream about the Acropolis, shining on a hill over fascinating Athens. This grand country, from mountaintop to city street, lives up to those dreams. Greece satisfies travelers looking for adventure, the great outdoors, relaxing seaside vacations and immersive cultural experiences.

Greeks know how to live well – come and give it a try for yourself with these top things to do.

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1. Explore ancient Athens

There’s a reason the Acropolis remains the quintessential landmark of Western civilization – it is spectacular. In addition to this towering icon, the streets of central Athens are home to many other remnants of civilizations who have marauded through over time. Indeed, any construction project (like the metro!) unearths more finds.

From the Ottoman houses of the Plaka neighborhood edging the Acropolis, head further back in time to the Roman Agora with its intricately carved Tower of the Winds. Afterward, stop off at the Ancient Agora, the commercial counterpoint to the Acropolis’ religious function.

Planning tip: With more time, other monuments and sites abound, as do world-class museums like the Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art – pick your favorite and just keep exploring.

2. Hop around the Greek islands

You’ve probably heard of the biggest Greek islands: SantoriniMykonosRhodesCrete and Corfu….

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