6 of the day trips from Budapest: experience Hungary beyond the capital


Budapest might offer two cities for the price of one – handsome Buda and fun-filled Pest – but you can taste more of Hungary on a day trip.

Not far from the capital is the countryside, where wine cellars, cobbled country towns and historic, arty outposts by the Danube await. The area around Budapest is gorgeous all through the year, and once you’ve had your fill of history, art, wine and nature, you can always retreat back to Budapest’s elegant thermal baths to soak in lavish style before supper.

These day trips from Budapest are easy by bus, train, car, or even boat, so pack your walking shoes and start exploring.

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1. Delve into Hungarian history over a glass of wine in Eger

Travel time: 1½ hours

Northeast of Budapest, Eger Castle is legendary as the bastion that held out against the Turkish invasion, but the relics of the town’s eventual Ottoman conquest, including a 40m-high (131ft) minaret and Turkish baths, still pepper Eger’s baroque streets.

Apart from the legacy of the siege, Eger is known for its wine – most notably “Bull’s Blood,” believed by the Turks to have given the Hungarians superhuman power in battle. Today, you can try Eger wines straight from the barrel in the Valley of Beautiful Women (Szépasszony-völgy Hétvége) on the outskirts of town, where wine cellars are carved into the bedrock of the surrounding hills.

If you have time, pay a visit to the city’s historic Lyceum, with its wood-clad baroque Archdiocesan Library and its Great Tower, housing an astronomy museum filled with vintage instruments as well as a camera obscura overlooking the city.

How to get to Eger from Budapest:…

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