Why you should visit Alberta in 2023


National Geographic recently released the “Best of the World 2023” list. It reveals 25 incredible cities and towns to inspire your next trip. The community category in the list includes community-led conservation initiatives and sustainable travel.

A turquoise lake surrounded by mountains in Alberta

Alberta is on the list for the community category in 2023 for its efforts in Indigenous tourism. They are leaders in encouraging people to study the ways of life of the First Nations in North America. There are many reasons to visit the beautiful area of Alberta, Canada in 2023. One of them is the chance to learn about Indigenous culture and traditions. If you are seeking a meaningful experience, add it to your itinerary.


Edmonton, the capital of Alberta is the gateway to the north. It runs along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River and is three hours north of Calgary. Because of its position in the north, the winters are cold and gloomy. Yet, the summers may get warm and the sun is visible until midnight.

The sun setting behind buildings in Edmonton
For thousands of years, Edmonton’s riverbank setting has been a traditional meeting place. And it is the ultimate urban Indigenous cultural experience. You can enjoy the gastronomic delights of an Indigenous-inspired restaurant here. Pei Pei Chei Ow is a delicious breakfast or lunch-to-go option. It offers Indigenous food aiming to evoke memories and comfort.

The Boreal Forest Natural Region spans more than 58% of Alberta’s land area. Moreover, it is a diverse wilderness critical to conserving Alberta’s biodiversity. More than 85 mammal species live in the boreal forest. The wood bison, the biggest land mammal in North America, is one of them. Explore the vast northern…

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