Thailand’s best eating and drinking experiences


Food alone is a worthy reason to visit Thailand. Known for its inimitable melange of aromatic ingredients, piquant flavors and razor-sharp spices, Thai cuisine ranks among the top culinary traditions in the world, perhaps even warranting a league of its own.

From street-side stalls peddling wholesome meals to fine-dining establishments plating exquisite delectables on par with the world’s best restaurants, Thai food checks pretty much every box on the gastronomic spec sheet, even for the most demanding and discerning foodies.

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Blessed with the best tropical fruits and vegetables, a sumptuous local supply of fresh seafood, the choicest meat and dairy from farms across the country and a magnificent variety of regional grains, herbs and condiments, Thai food exudes a strong sense of identity. On the one hand, it celebrates the recipes and traditions of its many Indigenous communities. On the other, centuries of cosmopolitan interactions have resulted in an infusion of essential elements from other formidable gastronomic traditions, such as Indian, Chinese and European.

While no volume of literature would do justice to the sheer volume and diversity of Thai food, the following are some essential experiences that comprise a rite of passage for food lovers, either plotting their way around Thailand or simply passing through the capital city of Bangkok – arguably one of Southeast Asia’s foremost culinary destinations.

Young Asian man on Khao San Road, eating pat tai and enjoying various kinds of street foodWok-fried pat tai brings together the everyday ingredients consumed in Thai households across the country © Getty Images / iStockphoto

Dig into pàt tai, Thailand’s “national dish”

Designed as part of a nation-building exercise in the first…

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