When to visit the Caribbean


Is there ever a bad time for a Caribbean vacation?

Aside from the threat of heavy rains during hurricane season, the region is generally blessed with consistently tropical temperatures, clear yet impossibly blue seas, infinite stretches of white sand, verdant rain forests and flavorful cuisine. 

While weather conditions vary slightly between destinations, vacationers looking for a respite from the winter months almost universally head to the islands during high season, between December and April, when humidity is low and breezes are cool. (The influx of visitors does bring higher prices and more crowds, however.) Luckily, the region’s calendar is packed year-round, so there’s always something to do. The low and shoulder seasons are also the perfect time to snag a travel deal.

Here’s what to expect throughout the year.

Visit between December and mid-April for peak whale watching

If you’re from an area that typically experiences harsh winters or a cold climate, the consistently favorable and warm Caribbean appeals between December and April. Yet you’ll find that plenty of other travelers will also be flocking to the islands, too, which means less availability on flights and accommodation, higher room rates and airfare, and more-crowded beaches and attractions.

Even so, high season is the optimal time for whale watching. Dominica is the whale-watching capital of the region and the only country in the world sperm whales call home year-round. The French island of Guadeloupe harbors 15 species of whales and hosts multiple whale-watching excursions from December to May. 

Key Events: Three Kings Festival, Puerto Rico; Sugar Mas, St Kitts and Nevis; Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, St Lucia

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