The top 10 beaches in Peru


From the edge of the Andes – where the rich ecosystem of the Humboldt Current washes against the coasts – to the dry tropical forest of the northern shoreline, the beaches of Peru are as diverse as its people and cultures.

Peru has more than 2500km (1553 miles) of coastline decorated with plenty of impressive beaches. Moving along the coast from south to north, these are our top 10.

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1. Barlovento – Ica

Anyone looking to reel in corvina (sea bass) or lenguado (a type of sole) should definitely consider visiting Barlovento. Located between the limits of Pisco and Ica, it’s one of the best spots for lining up some of the Peruvian coast’s most precious fish. 

There are no accommodations available at Barlovento, and getting there requires a two-hour drive off-road from the nearest highway, though you can set up camp at the edge of the monumental dunes you’ll find when you get there. It’s an isolated destination, but well worth going off the beaten path to experience what will likely be the best hand-pole fishing you could ever have.

shutterstockRF_786635008.jpgIn Paracas, La Mina is a secluded beach with amber desert cliffs facing clear blue waters © Christian Vinces / Shutterstock

2. Paracas – Ica 

In the coastal desert of Ica, brimming with colossal colonies of sea lions and seabirds, like the Guanay cormorant, is the town of Paracas. This rich peninsula hosts one of Peru’s most important marine wildlife sanctuaries, which you can venture to by car to visit La Mina, Mendieta, Playa Roja and Yumaque – secluded beaches exposed to amber desert cliffs facing clear blue waters.

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