10 Day Trips from Tirana: Top Sights and Activities


There are so many great day trips from Tirana; making it one of the best bases in Albania to get out and explore the country.

Not only will you experience Albanian culture in the city, and some of the best food and history to be found in Albania, but you can enjoy the beautiful coastline or visit the more quaint and historical towns and cities that are nearby when taking one of the many day trips from Tirana.

I spent 2 months in Albania and was based in Tirana for 1 month. During that time, I visited the coast and saw some of the most stunning scenery by venturing out on day tours from Tirana. So, read on for my top 10 day trips from Tirana.

Best Day Trips from Tirana

There are some incredible day trips from Tirana. As the capital city and home to the busiest international airport in the country, it’s the perfect place to base yourself and explore the rest of this beautiful country.

Here are some of the best day trips from Tirana.

1. Berat

A visit to the incredible city of 1,000 windows is one of my favorite day trips from Tirana. The city is built on a hillside, and its stone houses look like they’re stacked on top of each other. The windows in the houses are all the same uniform square shape, giving the city its famous nickname.

Berat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so you can expect to find plenty of beautifully preserved historical buildings which offer a fascinating insight into life through the ages in Albania.

visit to the incredible city of Berat in Albaniavisit to the incredible city of Berat in Albania

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