10 Reasons to Do a Sailing Vacation


Have you ever considered going on a sailing vacation? With the right preparations, a sailing vacation can be an amazing experience and a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. And you don’t even need any sailing experience! Just imagine gliding over clear blue waters on a sunny day, the many opportunities for swimming and sunbathing, seeing marine life up close, and the freedom to visit any place you like. Before we dive in, let’s discuss some of the practicalities and who this type of vacation is suitable for.

10 Reasons to go on a Sailing Vacation

With a bareboat charter, you rent only the boat, with the option to hire a skipper. If you or someone in your party already has the sailing experience, you’d do the sailing with your own crew. When you figure out the total bareboat price, be sure to account for the yacht insurance and final cleaning; all of this is included in the Navigare Carefree pack when you charter with Navigare Yachting, and the yacht comes equipped with everything you need from bed linens and kitchenware to sailing and safety equipment. If you have experience but want some help to familiarize yourself with the boat, you may hire a checkout skipper – a professional skipper for only a day. The checkout skipper can also give you tips on docking and going in and out of the marina.

There are also other options for those without sailing experience or those who prefer a hands-off yacht charter where no work is required! You may rent a fully crewed yacht or try a cabin charter. With a fully crewed yacht, the duo captain/chef means you won’t have to lift a finger and will enjoy a luxurious experience. The captain…

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