Traveling to Singapore: When to Go and How to Get There


Sky-rise buildings, a hot pot of cultures, modern architecture and a tropical climate — Singapore is an exciting destination to visit. Which is why hoards of tourists flock there each year.

Whether you’re traveling to Singapore on a layover or looking to spend an extended period in the country, it helps to know what you’re in for. Here are our top tips for all first-timers looking to book a trip to Singapore.

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Best time to visit Singapore

Singapore’s fairly consistent tropical climate makes it a year-round travel destination. However, there are a few slight differences when visiting at different times of the year. The months of February to April are considered the dry season, where you can expect the least amount of rain, low levels of humidity and sunny days. 

If crowds aren’t your thing, or you want to get good flight deals, then you may want to look at traveling to Singapore between July and November. Alternatively, you may want to visit over Chinese New Year to join in on the celebrations — this is either in January or February, depending on the first full moon of the year. For shoppers, consider visiting between June and August to catch the Great Singapore Sale.

Other big celebrations in Singapore include Vesak Day in May, Hari Raya to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and Deepavali (usually in October or November). Singapore also plays host to the only F1 night race in the world, which typically occurs sometime in September. Take note that Singapore is an expensive destination at the best of times, and prices soar even higher during big holidays and events.

Exploring Singapore for the First-TimeExploring…

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