How to explore Sydney on a budget


Sydney is not a cheap city to visit. Unless you’re already nearby, you’ll probably need to fly here for a start. However, there are ways to make your dollars go further in Sydney

Avoid visiting during the peak holiday seasons. Use public transport. Plan picnic meals at city parks, by the harbor or at the beach. And make the most of free attractions, from art galleries and museums to public festivals. This is Sydney on a budget.

Where to stay on a budget

Sydney is generally not a cheap city to stay in, but there are accommodations that fit different budgets. At the more affordable end of the spectrum, there are a few excellent hostel options – like the Sydney Harbour YHA. In the midrange field, Sydney is winning at super-hip boutique hotels that are as friendly and charming as they are cool. Yes, they’re not cheap, but then you won’t want to leave hotels like these with unique features like gorgeous architecture, rooftop decks and even a basement cinema at Paramount Hotel. You’ll find smaller, cheaper hotels further from the city center in Kings Cross, Glebe and at the beaches, but then you’ll have to factor in travel time and costs.

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Visit outside the Australian school holidays

The most expensive times for accommodation are during the Australian holidays, particularly the Australian summer (December to February), plus Easter and the late September school holidays. 

Winter (June to August) is when you’ll find deals like “pay for two nights but stay three” at hotels. It may not get very cold in Sydney during winter, but…

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