Your Spring getaway in Plitvice Lakes National Park


The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the perfect destination for an early spring getaway. The gloomy and cold winter gives way to an abundance of flora and fauna. The water and waterfalls swell and reveal their full splendour. Enjoy spending time outside the high season and feel the joy of spring at the Plitvice Lakes.

Nature’s awakening

The gloomy winter days give way to the awakening of nature. The flowers are in full bloom, the birds chirp, while the trees are becoming ever greener. On your walk along the lakes you will enjoy the company of snowdrops whose white colour will enchant any visitor. Along with the sound of waterfalls, you will often hear birds calling for a new age with their song – the age of new generations they will bring up in their nests. While walking in the Upper Lakes, you will have the chance to see a mother duck with her little fluffy ducklings. Their fluff makes them so cute and successful in putting a smile on the visitors’ faces. Sometimes you will need to try a bit harder to spot them because the mother duck is very skilful when it comes to hiding her ducklings in bushes. Their colour is the perfect camouflage and protects the ducklings from other animals. Everything is brimming with action, bumblebees and bees buzz, and flutter from flower to flower in the company of butterflies. The plant and animal worlds are always playful…

Spring is best spent in nature

Winter is usually followed by warmer and longer days that we can’t wait to spend in nature and going on trips is always a great idea. Spring, with its splendour and warm rays of the sun, never fails to awaken…

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