21 top things to do in Sydney to get a feel for Australia’s first city


Sydney is one of those cities that lives in the mind long before you get to experience it. Body-boarding at Bondi beach, zipping under the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a ferry, or catching a show at the incredible Sydney Opera House are just a few of the quintessential Sydney experiences you’ll want to tick off on your big trip Down Under.

And once you’ve tackled those, it’s time to explore what else Sydney has to offer. Here are the best things to do in Australia‘s big city, whether you’re visiting for the first time or the tenth. 

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1. Dine on delicious meals delivered with exemplary Sydney hospitality

Sydney’s dining scene has never been more inventive and exciting. Restaurants serving food from across the globe, often with a uniquely Australian twist, can be found in every pocket of the city. Okay, it may be a little faddish and perhaps a bit too obsessed with big-name chefs, but it wouldn’t be Sydney if names weren’t being dropped. Thankfully Sydney’s food scene manages to juggle style with substance.

Fine diners like Quay and Oncore by Clare Smyth stand out as world-class on every front, from the views to the service to the exquisite menus on offer. Other Sydney hotspots, no less incredible in terms of quality dishes and top-notch hospitality, include NOMAD, Mr Wong, Cafe Paci, Long Chim and seafood pioneers Saint Peter. However, a takeaway Sri Lankan or a cheap noodles night with BYO wine could just as easily be your Sydney dining highlight.

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