A Bosporus Tour: An Unforgettable Experience


The Bosporus is one of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks and a must-see for every visitor.

We tell you everything you need to know about this natural wonder and why you should do a Bosporus tour.

Here is our Bosporus tour summary:

The Bosporus Experience

The ship’s horn blares, and the last few people hurry to catch the ferry. Good for those who made it on board in time to get a good seat: on the lower deck, where there’s a white bench along the outer wall. You sit here just a meter above the waves, leaning back against the wall, feet up on the railing, basking in the sun and wind.

The best way to enjoy the summer in Istanbul is by taking a ferry ride across the Bosporus. For the crossing to Asia, most people choose to sit on the right side of the ferry (starboard) for the better view. And for the crossing to Europe, they prefer to sit on the left side (port). The ship’s horn will sound three times when it’s time to depart. Then, a dockworker will unhook the lines, and you’ll be on your way.

As the ship leaves the ferry port of Eminönü, seagulls glide alongside it, snatching up crumbs that passengers toss to them. Dolphins also sometimes appear here and swim right up to the Galata Bridge.

The ferry companies in the city offer some of the most beautiful routes, one of which goes to Kadiköy on the Asian shore. Millions of passengers use these ferries to cross between the 50 piers every year. On this route, the ship first passes through the Golden Horn – an elongated waterway that divides the European part of Istanbul – then crosses over the Bosporus – one of the two straits between the Mediterranean…

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