7 travel trends to look out for in 2023 (and why you should travel more)


From business to leisure travel – and even bleisure (business mixed with leisure travel) – the travel landscape isn’t immune to trends and fads. While some elements of travel – particularly in the post-pandemic era – haven’t changed much, there are others that have changed, and drastically.

Whether or not these trends are here to stay, here’s what’s changing in the travel industry in the coming year – as well as why you should travel more.

1. Local communities are at the forefront

Today’s travellers are seeking out more and more experiences. In particular, local (and sustainable) ones. Travellers want an authentic stay when visiting various destinations, including eating local food and interacting with locals.

Because of this, 2023 is likely to usher in travel packages and itineraries that are more focused on local communities. It will be essential for hoteliers and travel businesses to focus on leveraging the local culture and community, so they can engage with this new generation of travellers.

2. Sustainability is here to stay

As the world becomes more and more aware of the state of the earth, travel businesses looking to stay relevant must lead the way, follow suit, or face becoming irrelevant. Since many travellers are seeking out more sustainable travel options, more and more hotels and tour companies are taking big (and important) steps to be as sustainable as possible. Even the hotel industry, which has slowly embraced sustainability, has seen a noticeable transition to more eco-friendly designs and operations.

Sustainability counts on more locally created amenities and activities. This includes accommodation options that incorporate more local products into guestrooms and restaurants, and tour operators making sure their tours are environmentally conscious and create jobs in local communities.

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