How to get around in Zürich


Despite being Switzerland’s largest city, Zürich is a compact place with many pedestrian areas, making it ripe for exploration on foot. However, as befits a Swiss metropolis, its public transport network is highly organized and runs like clockwork.

Here’s our guide to getting around Zürich, whether by S-Bahn train, tram, bus, ferry, bicycle or scooter, a seamlessly interconnected network which will take you from the cobbled hills of the Altstadt (Old Town) to the popular nightlife zone of Züri West to the city’s local mountain Uetliberg.

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Travel like a local on an electric tram

Zürich has had electric trams since the late-19th century, and today’s modern incarnations are the most visible symbols of the city’s efficient public transport system.

Clean, spacious and extremely regular, they serve most parts of central Zürich, from the nightspots and cultural venues of Zürich West to the shopping district around Bahnhofstrasse (the opera house on Lake Zürich’s right bank) and even out to the airport (though it’s quicker to get there on the S-Bahn).

And where trams don’t venture – for example down the quaysides along the lake – buses fill in, making for a highly connected network, all coordinated and ticketed by the Zürich Transport Association (ZVV).

Zurich Main Railway Station with underground level. The image shows a S-Bahn service with several passengers get in to the train.Swift and punctual service is provided by the comprehensive S-Bahn network © Getty Images

Ride the S-Bahn to Uetliberg

For longer journeys in and around Zürich, swift and punctual service is provided by the comprehensive S-Bahn network, which has been expanded four times since its launch in…

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