Visiting Puglia: A Holiday in the Heel of the Boot in Italy


Italy is such a popular tourist destination that it’s hard to escape other travellers, no matter wherever you go – unless you go to the south, that is. Visiting Puglia in the southern region of Italy is perfect for anyone whose idea of a holiday is settling in for a while to live like locals.

Puglia in Italy is an area where tourism does not spoil the countryside and where people are very welcoming but still live their Italian way of life and their customs.

Here’s why you should consider visiting Puglia and what to expect when you get there.

The best time to visit Puglia

The best time to go to Puglia is in spring or autumn because then the temperatures are nicely warm and pleasant and not too hot to stay active. The area benefits from its position (south east of the mountains) and is protected against rain so that it is dry almost all year round. 

The advantage of the autumn time is that the temperature of the sea water is still very pleasant (20 – 23°C) so it is still warm enough to go swimming (the air temperature is about 22 – 25°C in September / October).

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What to expect when visiting Puglia

The seaside has only a few inviting beaches, most of the coast line is rocky and the infrastructure is basic. That is the reason that most international tourists avoid it for their holidays.

There are many little roads with little traffic and some of them especially signposted for cyclists. This has become more and more popular so that you can even rent bikes there nowadays and organize your own bike trips.

There are plenty of campsites (often very basic). But you can also find accommodation in B&B places, farm…

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