Top Places to Visit in Malta


Are you looking for a beach-based holiday where there’s plenty more to explore nearby too?

Then consider a break to the island of Malta. With incredible scenery and lovely coastlines you can sit back and enjoy soaking up the sun, or explore the history, shops and holiday activities that the region has to offer.

A holiday to Malta is only 3 hours away from the UK (and not far from most European destinations), so it makes a great destination for those who are looking to take a medium haul break.

Here’s a list of the top places to visit in Malta.

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Top places to visit in Malta

If you are planning a trip to beautiful Malta in Southern Europe, know that you will be visiting a place that is full of rich, historic beauty and quaint, old world charm.

It is a densely populated country comprised of many little towns that blend together into one big country full of breathtaking scenery that is certain to provide you with a trip to remember.

As you plan your vacation to this beautiful country and are exploring the wide variety of Malta travel tips, hopefully the following list will help you with your travel itinerary.


The capital city is a must visit for anyone wanting to get a sense of history and a feel for the true Malta.  The capital is located in the central east part of the island and the entire town has been awarded UNESCO status as every street, square and church has a story to tell in the history of this country, do not miss the Hypogeum a fascinating underground insight in the history and long lost past of the Maltese people.

You must make a point to visit…

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