Rock Climbing in Thailand: Why You Should Visit Railay


For anyone who loves to escape the cold of winter and enjoy the great outdoors and rock climbing scene in the tropics and heat, South East Asia is a great place to flock to. While there might be an immense amount of climbing places all over Asia, we’re focusing on rock climbing in Thailand. Zooming into the island of Krabi, specifically Railay where you would see flocks of rock climbers of all abilities from all over the world gathering here throughout the year to enjoy a great outdoor rock climbing expedition along the cliffs of Krabi.

Here’s everything you need to know about rock climbing in Thailand, specifically Railay.

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The best time of year to climb in Railay

Due to warm tropical and humid weather in Asia and quickly drying limestone, it is very possible to climb throughout the entire year in Railay and Tonsai, even in the monsoon season (though the hours and time on certain crags might be limited). There are also plenty of overhanging routes and crags that stay dry when it rains (my favourite being Fire Wall). This opens up the opportunity to visit during the quieter and less touristy months, although conditions may not be completely ideal and all your waterproof jackets, shoes and climbing bags come in handy. 

With that being said, the peak climbing season with the best conditions for the sport (and unfortunately the biggest crowds at the crag) is none other than October to March period. During this time of the year, the days are warm and dry, and you’re likely to be able to climb on every route without being stopped by stormy skies and sudden showers. Its also the perfect season to do your beach and water…

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