8 of the Best Things to do in Nicaragua


Amongst the things to do in Nicaragua is visiting colonial towns, relaxing on tropical islands, chilling out on beaches, exploring volcanoes and of course party.

Nicaragua is the perfect destination for adventure lovers and those who enjoy spending time outdoors. When planning your trip

Check out the full list of things to do in Nicaragua here.

8 Things to do in Nicaragua

When planning your trip to Nicaragua, make sure to include a few of the below sights and places to see.

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1. Go Canyoning at Somoto Canyon

The first activity on this list is a bit off the beaten path but this makes it all the more fun. On our trip, we only saw one other pair of tourists. It is a quick and easy stop if you cross the border from El Salvador or Honduras.

The Somoto Canyon National Monument protected area covers an area of approximately 170 hectares (420 acres). Because of the interesting geology, the area is also labelled as a geopark.

Your day trip will start with a drive from Somoto to a spot where you can leave your things. From here, a quick hike will bring you to the canyon where the action begins.

You’ll be able to jump and swim plenty. Swimming is mandatory so you should be a confident swimmer but only one jump of around 1 m (3 ft) is. If we did it, you can too! If you are a more avid cliff jumper than we are, there are plenty of optional jumps up to 12 m (40 ft) or even higher depending on your climbing skills.

If you’re in the area and you have the time, we advise you to spend…

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