8 ways to get off the beaten track in Egypt


One of the cradles of civilization, Egypt has a bounty of ancient monuments that’s unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

The names of Egypt’s big-hitters – the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, King Tut and the Valley of the Kings – are known by millions around the globe who might never even set foot in the country.

Because these historic places have lured foreign travelers to Egypt for literal millennia – ancient Greek and Roman tourists carved graffiti into the walls of tombs in the Valley of the Kings – the well-trodden path to see them is hardly a secret, and you’ll rarely find yourself alone on a visit.

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First-time visitors to Egypt tend to follow a standard route from Cairo to Luxor and end their trip in Aswan. While we’re certainly not advocating skipping any of the best places to visit in Egypt, returning travelers who are looking to dig deeper and have unique experiences will find this incredible country has plenty more to discover beyond the scripted itinerary. 

Many beautiful and lesser-visited areas of Egypt, such as Siwa Oasis in the far Western Desert and parts of the Sinai Peninsula, are open to and warmly welcome travelers, but some western governments, including the US Department of State, advise against travel in these regions. Check your government’s travel advice before your trip, as well as with your accommodations and local tour operators when you arrive.

Here’s how to get off the beaten track on your trip to Egypt.

Camels sit in a sandy landscape at the Step Pyramid, Sakkara, Egypt Read Full Article Source

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