A Guide to the Best Street Food in Athens


Looking for the most mouth-watering street food in Athens? Keep reading…

Every trip to any destination, to be complete, must include the local flavours and aromas of the place you’re visiting. A guilty pleasure of every trip is to try the street food that is available, starting with distinct local flavours but also including local versions of popular street food from other countries. 

Athens is a real paradise of gastronomy, where the visitor can find and try everything. High gastronomy, national cuisines, local cuisines, patisseries, and bakeries, but also excellent street food. This article maps the most popular Greek street food in Athens and where to find it. We start with extremely unique local flavours, but we also refer to beloved international street food.

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Enjoying street food in AthensEnjoying street food in Athens

Join this gourmet food tour to enjoy an authentic Greek breakfast, visit traditional food stores and try mouth-watering Greek desserts.

Where to find the best street food in Athens

For real local flavours, make sure to add the below street food to your “must eat in Athens” list.


Although you will have heard a lot about the rich recipes of Greek cuisine, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Athenians’ favourite breakfast is the koulouri. It is a small circular bread made with flour and yeast and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Sometimes it’s crunchy, sometimes soft, but it’s always tasty and healthy.

Some historians believe the koulouri originated during the Byzantine period. It then became popular in Thessaloniki when the Greeks from Asia Minor brought it to the city in around 1922. That’s why you will often find it called koulouri Thessalonikis.

In Athens, you can buy it in…

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