Best adventure activities in Namibia


Ocean and desert collide in Namibia to provide adventure playgrounds of water, sand and rock, with each as vast (and wild) as the other.

Namibia’s landscapes are epic, both in terms of sheer scale and natural beauty. Imagine singing sands and dunes that climb to more than 300m (985ft) in height and look more like works of art by Gaudí than anything produced by blowing winds. Now picture yourself hiking across their undulating crests and looking across an ocean of mammoth waves frozen in sand. If you feel like boarding down one of those waves, that’s an option too.

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But the Namib Desert, which gave the country its name, is more than just a huge sandbox. It’s also tortured mountains and rocky canyons. These captivating environments are ripe for explorations on foot or mountain bike.

Soaring inselbergs such as Spitzkoppe are great places to cling to if you have a penchant for rock climbing. Flanking the entire country’s west, running almost 1600km (994 miles) from South Africa to Angola, is a wild coastline with a history of sinking ships (it was these wrecks, plus sands littered with whale and seal bones, that gave the Skeleton Coast its name). But with a surfboard in hand, you’ll find nothing but joy along these remote shores.

Namibia: a playground for sure.

Dune boarding

The Namib is arguably the world’s oldest desert, but there’s a new way to experience its dunes: on a board. Not far from Namibia’s coastal town of Swakopmund, one of southern Africa’s capitals for adventure activities, mountains of sand provide perfect slopes to carve down.

When you first set eyes on the dunes rising high into the blue African sky,…

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