Surf Gear – Everything You Need To Get Started Surfing


Preparing for a surf trip for the first time but don’t know what to bring? Well, worry no more because I will be sharing my surf essentials with you fellas. By the way, the list below is not written according to importance.

Surf Gear - Everything you need to get started SurfingPhoto by Joseph Greve on Unsplash



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1. Bikini

My goodness! Every time I go on a surf trip this is my number 1 priority, to make sure I packed all my bikinis. So far I have 5 bikinis top and 3 bikini bottoms – All of them still serves me well. Tip: If you wanted to go surfing on bikini make sure to pick a good bikini that could endure an epic wipe out without getting out of place or else you’ll feed the eyes of everyone in the line-up. Lol

2. Rash Guard/thermal

I only wear them if the sun is too hot or if the weather is too cold. “Rashies” is also a good protection during jellyfish season.

3. Sunblock

THIS IS A MUST! Make sure to apply your sunblock to keep your skin protected from UV light, re-apply too at least every two hours. Healthy skin is a healthy life.

4. Board shorts

My favorite shorts! Because it’s so comfortable to wear and it’s easy to dry.

5. Shades

Your eyes are one of the vital parts of your body, without it, you won’t have a chance to see the world. It could give you the best experience you’ll ever have so in return keep it healthy. If you’re out of the water and the sun is burning, always wear eye protection. Protect it at all costs.

6. Cap

If you don’t want your face to get dark totally, you…

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