Open Letter to a Girl Who Travels


You’re born a dreamer. A vagabond. You spent most of your childhood building your imaginary world, befriending a rainbow farting unicorn, going to places you wished to be, seeing only the positive side of life no matter how bad things turned out. One day, something bad happened, causing that world of yours to vanish together with time. You’re lured into reality as you watched that dreamland you built for years gradually fade, and get lost somewhere in space, YOU could no longer find.

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YOU became a robot of reality trying to fit in; instructed to follow the norm because they said it was the only way to survive. YOU were a dead fish going with the flow just like everyone else. Your shoulder was filled with responsibilities, and your spirit died at a very young age.

YOU were lost for a very long time. YOU could no longer even recognize the person YOU saw in the mirror every day. Time flew, and YOU found yourself leaving broken pieces of your heart from one place to another.

Open Letter to a Girl Who TravelsPhoto by Noah Silliman on Unsplash


To your surprise, YOU met you. YOU came along at the darkest stage of your life. YOU were no longer alone. YOU were wandering with another soul. YOU saw the dream world YOU once created re-appear before me taking on the image of our very own reality. Somehow, the girl in the mirror looked all too familiar once again. Honestly, YOU realized that we do have a lot in common –…

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