13 Best Things To Do in Brighton, England [Travel Guide to Brighton]


“You were wonderful, you were mystical, And the envy of all of my friends, seems like only yesterday, under the stars on Brighton beach..” as Rod Stewart strung his tuned guitar while putting thoughts into lyrics about his young love. And it seems like yesterday when I moved just a few miles from Brighton after university with the hope of getting a job, but I made good not just with academia or employment, but also finding myself gracefully and build a second home. I met a lot of people, some of them whom I’ll never see again but most whom I considered my family. Yet there were crazy days, but stupendous most of the time.  It is a busy place to be but full of youthful promises, so when my friend pull out the tired analogy of working-as-whoring, we all sympathise and we down cocktails as the highlight of those days.

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You can visit me anytime in Brighton

In the summer, it smells of a deep-fry chips along Brighton Pier and the tranquil greenness of the many trees in Preston Park. I like taking deep breaths when I pass through the Pavilion and take in the musty scent of history. Along the small alleys in the Lanes, you could smell the delicately overpriced shops and the abiding air of earned grace. I like watching the locals who walk with old shopping bags and parked their bicycle outside the organic grocery store on North Road, or outside the sushi place in Middle Street. I like walking pass the houses along Kemp Town, the Victorian buildings and its bay and sash windows; a three-sided bay windows with a flat front and slant sides, were dashing. I like most of…

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