Sri Lanka – the perfect island escape


Our first taste of Asia was a taste that we will never forget. Back in 1998 we booked flights to Sri Lanka, armed with the latest copy of Lonely Planet and not really knowing what to expect. The sights, sounds, experiences and people we met on that trip will live with us forever, we were in love with Asia and we were in love with Sri Lanka. Fast forward nearly 25 years and we now live in Asia, and we have returned to Sri Lanka many times, never getting bored of what we consider to be the perfect island escape. You want culture and history? You’ve got it. You want diving and surfing? You’ve got it. You want to explore ancient religious sites, tea plantations and national parks? You’ve got it. You get the picture, Sri Lanka is quite simply the perfect island escape because it has so much to offer, literally something for everyone.

Sri Lanka has had a tough time post-covid, just as tourism showed signs of returning after a financially devastating hiatus, the country became embroiled in a political and economical crisis. Protests and travel restrictions led to travel once again suffering, and in turn everyone who relies on tourism for their survival suffering too. We were confident that despite these challenges, this was the time to visit Sri Lanka more than ever. Our decision proved to be correct, as we were welcomed with open arms, smiling faces and an overall sense of overwhelming appreciation that we had supported Sri Lanka when they needed it most. The ongoing crisis has led to countrywide fuel shortages, with people queueing for days in the hope that there would be a delivery of the much needed fuel. More than ever we needed a professional transport service, and the team at…

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