Do you need a visa to visit Kenya?


Before you book that dream safari trip to the Masai Mara, start planning beach time in Mombasa or working out which of Nairobi’s cool bars you want to enjoy a cold beer at, make sure you’ve got your visa to visit Kenya figured out. 

The good news is a tourist visa for Kenya is easy to obtain for many nationalities, and most are issued promptly after an online application. Read on for everything about Kenya visa applications, including costs, the documents you need and which countries require a visa.

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Do I need a visa for Kenya?

Most nationalities (called Category 2) can apply for an eVisa online before arriving in Kenya. Some nationalities are exempt and fall into Category 1, and a small number in Category 3 require referred visas, meaning a trip to the local Kenyan embassy before arrival.

Who can visit Kenya visa-free?

Several nationalities don’t need a visa to enter Kenya. Check the official comprehensive eligibility list, which includes some Caribbean and African nations and countries such as Cyprus, Fiji and Singapore. Travelers under 16 are often exempt, but check directly for the requirements for your nationality and specific visa.

How do I apply for a tourist visa for Kenya?

Apply for a tourist visa through Kenya’s official eVisa website. Set up an account with a username and password, and keep it handy because you can log in to see your application…

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