Discover the ancient and modern wonders of the Croatian coast on board a luxury motor sailing yacht


As Spring approaches, the Mediterranean beckons for the luxury yacht charter summer season and nowhere is more tempting than the stunning coastline of Croatia. For those unfamiliar with the ‘land of a thousand islands’, Croatia dominates the jewel-like Adriatic with over 1500km of coastline, 78 inhabited islands plus hundreds of smaller islets and reefs. So, visitors are guaranteed to find their own hidden paradise while island hopping on board a crewed charter yacht.

A deluxe motor sailer is an ideal choice thanks to the region’s Jugo (south wind) and Bura (north wind), plus many yachts are crewed by Croatian locals with extensive knowledge of the best places to soak up the diverse natural beauty and explore the rich history, culture and cuisine.

Croatia has a long and proud tradition of yacht building, which has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The country’s skilled craftsmen have been building high-quality yachts for both commercial and recreational purposes since the early 19th century, and today, dedicated local owners and builders are developing luxury motor sailers specifically for the yacht charter market creating a fleet of contemporary, next-generation vessels in the area.

The owner of soon-to-be-launched S/Y Scorpios demonstrates the local passion, commenting “our family dates back 13 generations in this area and this is a driving force for me. Scorpios isn’t just about having a luxury yacht, it is about creating opportunities for locals, giving back to the community, and proudly showing guests our country.”

Having decided on your travel companions, agreed on Croatia as a destination and enlisted the help of a charter broker to select your luxury yacht, all that remains is to plan your itinerary…

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