Better in Winter: Waxing and basic slide care


Whether you alpine ski, cross country, or snowboard, properly waxing and caring your gear will increase your enjoyment. The wax might make you go faster, but the significant benefit is turning easier. The other side of the sliding coin is that gear that has a little maintenance is more predictable, a nice thing if you don’t perform the activity daily. And a little bit of care for a few minutes will make the gear last longer. Many the tools are portable and easy to take with you on a slide trip, as some wax every other day keeps the gear performing optimally.

Keep gear ready

As soon as the season is over, or after a long trip, or before the next one that is the ideal time for the slide hobbyist to give the gear a once over. In most cases, bases are much more durable than in the past, so the need to repair rock gashes and the like is minimal. Primary edge care and waxing are elementary with a kit like the Toko All Inclusive Wax/Care Set. You can get nicks off the edges, bevel or adjust the edge angle with the little tool to your preference, sharpen as needed, and then hot wax with the special iron. They include three temperatures of waxes, so you can take on any snow temperature range. If you are storing for a while or over the summer, put a trash bag over the binding to keep out dirt and take spring tension off the bindings. If you live in a humid environment, a little bit of light oil on the metal edges will keep rust off.

Hot wax is very, very good

Hot wax is the sliding standard, and you…

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