The best time to go to London


You could easily argue that there’s no such thing as a bad time to visit England’s capital city – world-class events running year-round, incredible galleries and museums, cozy pubs, and beautifully landscaped parks and gardens. London does not hold back from flaunting its many stunning attractions no matter what the weather is doing….although, spoiler alert, what it’s doing often involves gray skies.

For this reason, summer is the season to be in this exciting capital. Festivals are rife across the city, pop-up markets and beaches (yes, pop-up beaches) appear all over, and al fresco eating and drinking are all the rage. Prices might be higher, but the option to entertain outdoors means summer is when London is at its most exciting and glamorous.  

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As with anywhere, you should time your visit to suit your interests and budget. This guide, with its monthly list of events, can help you decide the best time for your visit to London.

Two women and one man walk along a London street together while smiling and laughingSummer is the perfect time to explore London’s many beer gardens © Mauro Grigollo / Stocksy United

June to August is thebest time for festivals, events and sunny skies

Expect to be cheek by jowl with strangers on the sweaty public transport system and fork out higher prices for accommodations. But this is also the time the city is buzzing with events – from one of the largest street parties in the world to small pop-up book fairs and markets.

London’s parks fill up with locals enjoying the summer sun, and beer gardens overflow with the sound of vitamin-D-induced…

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