Top Cafes, Restaurants and Fado Bars in Lisbon


If you’re looking for a truly Portuguese experience, you need to visit a few of the best cafes, restaurants and Fado bars in Lisbon. Get a taste of the delicious Portuguese pastries, culinary delights and traditional music.

Some are mor touristic, others are more authentically local. Here’s a list of the best cafes, restaurants and Fado bars in Lisbon.

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Top Fado bars in Lisbon

The word fado comes from Latin and means “destiny”. Having something as heavy and serious as fate as its origin has shaped their character. That is why Fado singers love to sing about strong feelings, love affairs and the end of love, betrayal, jealousy, revenge and misfortune.

But contrary to what is claimed, fado is not always sad. It is often cheeky and bohemian. Fado singers understand like no one else how to sing of the spirit of its people – the fishmongers, sailors, good-for-nothings, rogues, and ultimately nightlife of Lisbon.

Mesa de Frades

If you’re looking for something unique without the hustle and bustle of tourists, then this Fado restaurant is ideal!

The Mesa de Frades has been a beloved institution among Portuguese locals since its establishment in an 18th-century chapel. You can appreciate original features such as ceramic tiles adorning ancient walls while enjoying music from famous performers like Ricardo Ribeiro, Ana Sofia Varela or Pedro Moutinho live.

For only around €50 to 60 you will receive a three-course meal plus access to their 3-hour-long performance with short intermissions between songs.

So come on down at 8 pm sharp if your heart desires some great food combined with soulful melodies – it’s definitely worth every penny!

Good to know:

At this exclusive eatery, you have to chime the bell for admittance!


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