12 quirky reasons to visit Finland in 2023


From playing air guitar to sauna-heating and wife-carrying competitions, here’s our list of unconventional events celebrating Finland that will take you to new places and experiences – and put a smile on your face in the World’s Happiest Country.

Sock Run

On the topic of knitting, Finland loves its wool socks. As the Nordic nation is also known for its famous runners, what better than running in woolen socks on snowy trails through the forests? The annual Woolsock Run Finnish Championship features competitions of different lengths ranging from 3k to 6k and 12k, with on-site essentials such as hot juice and soup, and tickets to the local swimming hall where participants can warm up in the sauna, the world-renowned Finnish steam bath.

When & where: February 18, 2023, Orivesi

Sledding Nordic Style

The Kicksled World Championships highlight the classic Finnish take on sledding, which features a wooden chair on the front and long skis on the bottom. Kicksled racing is a serious sport in Finland, and during the annual event – this year marks the 32nd anniversary – a range of other activities including skating and winter camping round out the active weekend.

When & where: March 10-11, 2023, Multia, Central Finland

Races with Reindeer

In Finnish Lapland there are as many people as reindeers – about 180,000 – and the furry four- legged animals are a traditional part of life and culture in the Arctic. At the Annual Reindeer Racing Championships spectators enjoy the thrill of seeing competitors flying on their skis behind the reindeer competing on a 1,000-metre long track. It takes serious skill and many racers have been practicing since they were children.

When & where: March, 25-26, 2023, Inari

Ski and Sauna

The highly original Swimming Suit Skiing event was born…

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