Some of the world’s best seafood is at its best right now, plus the top 15 seafood restaurants in Fjord Norway


The seafood from the coast of Fjord Norway is regarded as some of the best in the world. During winter, it is at its very best, with flavours that will take your visit to Norway to a whole new level.

“It’s so fresh and so good that I want to show it off – not hide it. Nothing here needs any camouflage. The ingredients need to shine,” says Ronny Kolvik, head chef and driving force behind the restaurants Bro and Bryt, situated on the water’s edge in the middle of the narrow and charming Brosundet in Ålesund in Western Norway.

He’s standing down by the quay right outside the restaurant as a small fishing boat comes chugging towards us. The dedicated chef has an excellent agreement to have world-class fresh fish and shellfish delivered straight to his doorstep.

“The taste experience you get from such fresh ingredients gives a completely different sensation on the palate. The Norway lobsters are so lively that they sometimes jump out of their boxes. We almost have to let the ingredients calm down a bit before we can use them,” he adds.

The small boat hasn’t had to travel far. The world’s best shellfish, Norway lobsters, oysters and lobsters can all be found nearby. Kolvik shares his enthusiasm for fresh, local ingredients straight from the ocean with seafood chefs and foodies throughout Fjord Norway.

Locally sourced, world-class ingredients

In Øygarden outside Bergen you will find Norway’s leading seafood and maritime expertise. Scalmarin supplies ingredients to Michelin restaurants and other seafood restaurants both in Norway and abroad. Manager Knut Magnus Persson says it’s no coincidence that the seafood along Norway’s west coast is so excellent.

“We are in a unique positioned in this area, and it’s…

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