Top 10 things to do in the Caribbean


The Caribbean is a favorite vacation destination for many travelers because of its gorgeous beaches, lively festivals and diverse geography. The region is home to thousands of islands and cays, with 13 independent countries and twice as many dependent territories for travelers to explore. 

While a trip to a Caribbean island is sure to include palm trees and sandy beaches, each island stands out for unique reasons. Shaped by their multicultural history, numerous languages and exceptional cuisine, even neighboring islands have striking differences. Here are some of the most unforgettable experiences across this breathtaking archipelago.

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1. Jamaica 

Best for history 

Jamaica’s powerful impact on the world cannot be denied. The island has been a popular vacation destination for decades, and it’s the birthplace of reggae, jerk seasoning and Blue Mountain coffee, among many other things. The tiny island known for its blissful beaches also has many carefully preserved historic sites that tell the story of Jamaica’s history.  

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s most popular destination with travelers, with major hotels and resorts dotted along the coast. Off the resorts, Montego Bay has several museums and historic sites for travelers to explore, such as the National Gallery of Jamaica, the oldest established museum in the English-speaking Caribbean. The gallery has a collection of contemporary and modern art as well as preserved artifacts from the Taino population, who were the first to inhabit the island. 

Another stop travelers should consider…

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