Cruise the coastline of northern Italy where art and architecture sit side by side with nature


Think steep terraces of brightly coloured houses, grand palazzos and dramatic rocky cliffs and you could be dreaming of Liguria’s diverse coastal landscape. Now consider that some of this region’s best-kept secrets are only accessible by boat and you have the perfect recipe for a luxury Italian yacht charter.

Un Panfilo di Lusso

The appeal of chartering your dream luxury yacht lies in the freedom to create your own itinerary, choose to explore your surroundings while being looked after by familiar crew members who truly understand your tastes and how you wish to spend your time. There is also ample choice of charter yachts available depending on the size of your party, whether you want to sail or motor, which water sports and toys you love and your taste in food and entertainment.

Days on board can be spent cruising to your next destination or tucked into a quiet cove to swim, eat, read or simply watch the world go by. For those who want to venture inland, a driver and car can be organised to pick you up from your yacht.

An expert charter broker can help plan your vacation and will consider your needs and budget before creating a bespoke list of options and itineraries. With nearly 8000km of coastline and its artistic and stylish heritage, it is no surprise that Italy is home to some of the greatest yacht builders in the world. Choose to board a Sanlorenzo,
Ferretti or Azimut charter yacht and let her guide you through her home waters.

Home to the art of the Renaissance and an abundance of natural wonders

Italy’s own riviera is a unique stretch of coastline in the northwest, with its…

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