Taste of Plitvice Lakes: Lička kuća restaurant


The gastronomy of Lika gathers anyone eager to experience a breath of Lika’s history after having enjoyed its natural wonders. The preserved nature and special climate of Lika represent an advantage that has an effect on the nutritional value and quality of the ingredients used in the preparation of meals. The diet of the people of Lika in the past depended mostly on food that they had to grow themselves or that they could obtain in their surroundings. This is precisely what our chefs at Lička kuća have been guided by, and in accordance they have designed top menus. That is why Lička kuća is a must-see place for gourmets today.  All dishes are innovatively prepared with a step towards the top of modern gastronomy.

Lika soup

Who can resist a fragrant soup? It warms you in winter and soothes you in summer. Soup is always a good choice, and Lika soup is an aromatic dish that you may not have tried before. Lamb and vegetable soup, traditional in these parts, is rich and tasty. This soup can also be the whole meal, since it is served with bits of meat and vegetables, just as people from Lika did in the past. Life in these parts meant hard work, which is why people needed food which would give them the strength to withstand such labor. Food has always been simple here, and flavors have always been full, brought out by the local food preparation practices.

Lika plate

Perfect for an appetizer or a snack as an introduction to your gastronomic fairy tale. The Lika Plate contains the flavors of Lika – homemade smoked bacon, dry smoked sausage, cracklings, smoked loin, škripavac cheese, smoked cheese with paprika, Basa cheese…

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