Make a meal of Mexico: the best foods to plan your trip around


Few cuisines on this planet are as fresh, varied, creative and downright delicious as what you’ll find in Mexico. Tasty and affordable, Mexico’s well-spiced food goes beyond tacos, and it’s worth planning your trip around.

You’re guaranteed to find something flavorful and delicious from coast to coast in Mexico, from simple street taco stands that won’t cost you more than a handful of pesos to refined contemporary fusion restaurants from renowned chefs.

Here are some of the top dishes to try on your trip to Mexico.

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Start your day with chilaquiles

A vegetarian-friendly breakfast found across Mexico, chilaquiles are a combination of eggs, crumbled queso fresco (white cheese) or crema (thickened cream), avocado and sliced onion over tortillas with a red or green sauce poured on top.

Where to try it: La Cafetería in Guadalajara is known for its delicious, spicy chilaquiles. Try them with both sauces.

Unravel a tamale to eat like the ancients

A pre-Columbian dish, tamales are pressed masa (corn dough) mixed with lard, stewed meat, fish or veggies and steamed in corn husks or a banana leaf. Unravel the plant-based shrink and open up the tamale, but be careful not to get a face full of steam and burn your tongue because they can be hot. 

Where to try it: Get a tamale and a hot atole (masa) drink at Tamales Yo’o Moc in San Cristóbal de las Casas. Vegan and vegetarian…

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