10 top tips for packing light for your Winter holiday in Europe


Have a Euro trip coming up soon? Here are a few simple tips to teach you how to pack light for Europe.

There’s nothing quite like spending a snowy winter break in any of the beautiful cities across Europe. It has an entirely different energy about it. But since you’ll be experiencing Europe at colder temperatures, you’ll need to have the right clothing.

How do you decide what to bring without bringing along your whole wardrobe – potentially paying extra for overweight baggage? Packing for a winter holiday doesn’t mean you can’t still travel light.

Tip 1: Lay everything out on the floor

Before you even start packing – spread every item out on your bedroom floor or even the bed. Don’t be overwhelmed; there is a method to this madness.

Now it’s time to examine – even scrutinize – each item. Ask yourself (and be honest): Am I really going to wear this? Which day or event do I see myself wearing this on?

And if you can’t justify it, then you know you’ll just end up carrying the item around. It’ll also take up space in your suitcase. This method ensures you’ll only pack the bare essentials.

Tip 2: Start with a smaller suitcase

 It’s an obvious one – but if you have less space to begin with, you’ll be smarter about making use of it. So, if you’ve got smaller luggage available to you – start with that. When you have more space, it’s easy to automatically want to start filling it with more clothing and items than you think you’ll need. Starting small forces, you to be selective – and ultimately pack light.

Tip 3: Pack for the best-case scenario

Instead of packing for the worst possible scenario – pack as if everything will go according…

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