Amazing Restaurants in Kuwait You Haven’t Heard Of


If you are interested in visiting amazing restaurants in Kuwait or have yet to try  Kuwait’s delectable cuisines, you have come to the correct spot. A wide range of cuisines is available at the eateries, from Lebanese to Puerto Rican dishes. So, make your Kuwait Airways flight booking and taste these delicacies. Expect a more flavorful and appealing experience at these greatest restaurants in Kuwait, so foodies, get ready!

One of our top priorities while traveling is finding delicious local cuisine. Have you had the opportunity to sample any of the amazing restaurants in Kuwait? If you haven’t already, it’s time to check out this definitive list of places to eat that will leave you wanting more.

Amazing Restaurants in Kuwait You Haven't Heard OfPhoto by ITU Pictures CC BY 2.0

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1. Tatami (Japanese Restaurant)

Tatami specializes in Haute Japanese cuisine and serves both traditional Japanese dishes and modern interpretations of them. The Japanese custom of treating guests with warmth and deference is observed very strictly at Tatami, a restaurant that has both a contemporary setting and genuine design elements. Experience a dining experience that is more intense than any other you’ve had before.

2. Véranda (Middle Eastern and Mediterranean)

Véranda is a restaurant with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that can be found on the first level of Harvey Nichols Kuwait at The Avenues. Try exquisitely prepared grilled salmon pieces and jewel-colored tabbouleh with fresh garlic and mint labneh for a modern take on classic flavors. If you want a front-row ticket to Kuwait City’s mall culture, reserve a table at the window facing Grand Avenue.

3. Mais Alghanim (Lebanese Restaurant) 

Gulf Road is home to a little restaurant run by a friendly family that serves…

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