My Bolivia Journey – Dispelled Myths and New Discoveries @BolTurOficial


Bolivia is amazing.

Can I just make one thing clear before anything else is written?  I had my worries and doubts about safety there – prior to leaving Australia, I hadn’t gone further out of South East Asia, in tourist hotspots like Phuket and Bali.  On the first day of walking through La Paz, I tied the cord of my camera to my belt.  After a few days, this mental behavior died down.

My Bolivia Journey - Dispelled Myths and New Discoveries @BolTurOficialPhoto by Javier Collarte on Unsplash Other articles you can read:

I was met by warm, hospitable exchanges with every Boliviano I came across.  The best way somebody described it was “when you travel to certain places, you can see it in their eyes [that they don’t feel positive about you].  Here, that’s different.  You don’t feel that here.”  This notion rang true for the duration of my time there.

Now, of course you can read some wonderful guides on Bolivia here and here, but this one is a little different.  My wife and I spent 10 days in Copacabana, La Paz, Uyuni and Potosi.  It was a 4WD tour of the salt flats, sandwiched by brief stops on the highest lake in the world, in mountainous urban sprawl and humble mining surroundings.

We travelled across the border from Puno in Peru, moving around the Southern edge of Lake Titicaca.  The crossing process was not as arduous as it was for some travelers from the United States that were on our bus, feeling $160 lighter in the pocket.

We arrived in Copacabana in the early afternoon and had just missed the second boat over to Isla del Sol, so we decided that…

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