DIY Travel Guide to Mount Binacayan, Rizal [Rizal Travel Guide]


Mount Binacayan is one of the rocky mountains in the Philippines with 423 meters above sea level.

What will you do to escape from your stress from your work, from the traffic in Manila, from your agony? Maybe you can say you will just eat an ice cream, a pack of chocolate or going to mall? Have you ever tried to escape by dating with nature?

DIY Travel Guide to Mount Binacayan, Rizal [Rizal Travel Guide]Photo by Donn Pudong CC BY-NC 2.0

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Last October 11, 2015, I hosted my first event with my fellow friends where we decided to go to Mount Binacayan at Rodriguez Rizal.

Mount Binacayan, Rizal: An Escape to StressMount Binacayan, Rizal

We choose this mountain as training grounds since we are all new to mountain hiking and to witness the sea of clouds and sunrise.

Our day started at Jollibee farmers around two in the morning. While waiting with my fellow hikers, we had taken the breakfast and buy some foods for our trekking. After that, we ride to a utility van going to Eastwood but the driver offered us a direct ride to Brgy. Wawa and add ten pesos. Around 4:00 in the morning we arrived at the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) then I registered my group and pay two pesos for environmental fee and they also give us our guide going to Mount Binacayan and then we drop bye to the Brgy. Hall and give some donation.

Around 4:30AM we start trekking going to the Mount Binacayan as we walk we see the two mountains named Mount Pamintinan and  Mount Haponang Banoi. After an hour of trekking, we had noticed…

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