Top Tips for Remote Working in Europe


So, you’ve got your digital nomad visa ready, your company or clients have given you the go-ahead, and your backpack is packed. You’re ready to spend the next few months remote working in Europe.

Great lifestyle choice! You’re in for the most incredible few months (that may quite easily turn into years).

But how can you make the most of your time working remotely in Europe? How can you ensure you stay on top of work while enjoying the experience?

It all comes down to careful planning.

Working remotely in EuropeWorking remotely in Europe –

How to (successfully) go remote working in Europe

Here are our top tips for successfully working remotely in Europe.

1.      Start with using the right luggage

Unless you plan to stay in one location for a few months, you will likely live out of a suitcase for a few months. So, you want that luggage that really works for you.

A good combination of luggage for digital nomads includes a large check-in suitcase (we prefer a hard suitcase over a backpack as it’s easier for long-term travel where you’re staying longer periods in each place), a cabin bag, a backpack for your laptop and other electronics and a smaller day bag.

It’s worth investing in good quality luggage to ensure it makes it through the whole journey with you.

2.      Pack all your working gear

Try and duplicate your current workstation as much as possible. While travelling with a second screen may not be possible, you can still carry many of your other accessories, including:

  • Your laptop (the lightest one your work can maintain)
  • A laptop sleeve to protect your laptop (it’s going on an adventure, after all)
  • A small wireless mouse
  • Decent noise-cancelling headphones
  • A laptop stand
  • Slim external…

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