Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE


“In Dubai, we do not wait for things to happen. We make them happen.”

This quote, written in Arabic, is displayed in the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, along with the pleasant photograph of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. Far from the blank sandy canvas that it was years ago, Dubai continues to attract the world’s attention by its constant pursuit of the limitless and the improbable. True to its leader’s remark, the city successfully manages to surpass expectation upon expectation – from building the world’s tallest structure on its sandy grounds to housing the biggest flower garden amidst the dry climate.

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Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE


It is a word that always comes to mind when asked to describe Dubai. Such term is appropriate in describing one of Dubai’s prized jewels, Raffles Hotel.

Strategically set in the heart of the city, the beauty of Raffles is hard to miss. With its pyramid-like structure adorned with intricate Egyptian architectural accents, the luxurious hotel’s ambiance is definitely a feast to one’s eyes.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Location: 13th Street, Sheikh Rashid Road, Wafi City

Accessibility from the Airport: The hotel is a quick 10-minute car ride from the Dubai International Airport.

Booking: You can book this hotel in advance through or Agoda. You may also visit the Raffles Dubai homepage.


Raffles is known for its excellent customer service worldwide. From its beginnings on Singapore grounds, the hotel chain has made a name for itself as an indispensable experience to the well-traveled.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE


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