9 things you shouldn’t wear on an airplane


At the height of the golden age of aviation, innovative technology dominated the skies as the miracle of flight became a reality. This advanced method of travel wasn’t quite as accessible as it is today. In fact, traveling in the air was seen strictly as a luxury, and one must dress for the occasion. Men wore their finest jackets and ties, while women styled their hair to complement their fashionable outfit, complete with a perfectly powdered nose and high heels.

Gone now are the days of donning up for the runway, as air travel became more frequent, more accessible, and let’s be honest – more of a hassle. These days, most travelers dress for comfort and convenience, and who can blame them? From the chaotic catastrophe of TSA security lines to making a run for it to your gate (hello McCallister family at ORD), the optimal traveler knows just what to wear for their journey 30,000ft in the air. On the other hand, if you’re a first-time traveler, it’s all too easy to make some rookie mistakes. Below, we’ll be looking into what one should never wear on an airline.


Some clothing items never seem to ever go out of style, and jeans are no exception. From bell bottoms to high-waisted, jeans are undoubtedly here to stay in the fashion world. Popularized by Hollywood hunk James Dean in the 1950s, jeans symbolize cool, calm, relaxed, fun, and young. However, there are still some places where wearing jeans isn’t quite fitting, whether for fashion or practicality.

In this case, wearing jeans on an airline –especially skinny jeans – is highly discouraged. With limited legroom as it is, jeans can make one feel even more confined as they provide…

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