15 Best Things To Do in Berat, Albania


There are so many excellent things to do in Berat. Although Berat is a small city, it’s surprisingly packed full of culture and history to soak up.

From the beautiful Berat Castle to the cafe-lined Bulevardi Republika, and some of the best local food I’ve ever tried, Berat is a destination not to be missed.

I spent 3 months exploring Albania and one of my favorite experiences there was sightseeing in Berat. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in the whole of Albania. So, here are some ideas on how I recommend you best spend your time in Berat.

Best Things To Do in Berat

Berat is known as the City of a Thousand Windows thanks to the buildings with symmetrical window frames that sprawl across the hills. It’s also built around the Osum River and has beautiful mountains surrounding it. This makes Berat one of the most picturesque cities in Albania.

There are so many fantastic Berat attractions. Read on to discover a list of the best things to do when planning your trip to this Albanian city.

1. Osum Canyon

Known as the Grand Canyon of Albania, Osum Canyon is one of the best things to see in Berat. It’s a brilliant place to go hiking and is where you’re sure to see some of the lushest nature in the country. At the right time of year, you can explore the canyon by raft or kayak or go for a refreshing dip in the river after a long hike.

My favorite way to explore the canyon is by taking a tour. This brilliant tour also stops in a little town called Polican which was founded in communist times. It’s famous for producing millions of guns and now lies abandoned as…

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